Pastor Frank Clore is our Pastoral Care Pastor.

He's supposed to be retired, but God seems to have a different plan for him.  Pastor Frank has lived a life of service to God and man alike.  He has been a restaurateur, City Councilman and Mayor, Deputy Sheriff, Police Chaplain, Hospital Chaplain, Hospice Chaplain, and Pastor to churches in Portland, Milwaukie, Astoria, Grants Pass,  Oregon City and Oak Grove before retiring here to Richmond, where he relaxes by comforting all of us in our times of need, praying with and for us, teaching a weekly bible study class and performing weddings and funerals in his spare time. His wife, Teresa, is kind of "Mom" to all of us (even those of us well her "senior").

Meet our Pastors

Pastor Val Watkins is our Lead Pastor.

He prefers "Lead" to "Senior" ("Senior" implies "old").  But, "a rose by any other name..."  Either way, he is the shepherd of our flock and does an amazing job of caring for all of us. He and his wife, Liza, were called to Youth Ministry and sort of "fell into" the lead role here at Richmond. While Pastor Val serves as our leader, Liza is our Worship team leader and takes care of many (most) of the background/everyday responsibilities of the church.